- Shipwrecks -

We are over 35 years in shipwreck hunting and investigation and we found and inspected more than 750 wrecks. Some of them are very famous

s/s Kyros

A search and salvage project that started 20 years ago is now completed. It was on the 22nd October the salvage vessel “Deepsea Worker”, arrived Sweden with a shipload of more than 100-year old cognac and liqueur, brought up from the Swedish steamer “s/s Kyros”! Ocean X Team and iXplorer cooperated with the special equipped salvage vessel “Deepsea Worker” to be able to salvage the bottles of “De Haartman & Co”-cognac and “Benedictine”-liqueur (now days owned by Bacardi) from 77 meters depth between Sweden and Finland in international waters. It was 50 cases of cognac and 15 cases of liqueur that were on its way from France to Saint Petersburg, Russia, already in December 1916. Due to a heavy ice situation in the Sea of Bothnia (the sea between Sweden and Finland) the transport were delayed till May 1917. Interesting to know that for the final time of the shipment Saint Petersburg became Petrograd becuase of February Revolution in Russia and the abdication of Zhar Nicolas The Second. “s/s Kyros” met the dramatic fate when being stopped and controlled by the German submarine “UC58”. The captain of the submarine decided to sink “s/s Kyros” because the main cargo were considered as war goods been shipped to Russian Empire- the German enemy in WWI. “S/s Kyros” crew were transferred to a nearby ship and later they all returned safely to Sweden. The wreck of “s/s Kyros” has been heavily damaged by fishing trawls and trawl boards during the time been on the bottom of Baltic Sea. Several times since the first discovery back in 1999, the wreck been cleared from fish-nets to make it possible for divers and unmanned underwater vehicles (ROVis) to access the wreck.

Polar expedition of Otto Yulievich Shidt (USSR)

The steamer «Cheliuskin» sank on February 13, 1934 in Chukchi Sea (Soviet Arctic), 80 miles off shore. 100 people remained on ice in -40 degree surroundings. The rescue operation was called the Chelyuskin epic. Soviet pilots who rescued Chelyuskinites received the first awards of the heroes of the Soviet Union in the history of the country. «Chelyuskin» steamer was found on September 13, 2006. We picked up some artifacts and handed them over to the Anadyr Museum of Local Lore (ChAO).

Russian Imperial fleet submarine "SOM"

A submarine of the Russian imperial fleet “SOM” (formerly “Fulton” USA, built in 1901) was found on July 25, 2015 in Swedish territorial waters in the vicinity of the port of Grislehamn. It sank on May 10, 1916 and found only July 25th, 2015 by our joint international team. The plan to salvage the submarine and forward it to the Russian Federation was scheduled for May 23, 2016. Our team conducted (Swedish company Ocean X Team – Team leader Peter Lindberg and Ixplorer) the complete survey of the submarine, including ultrasonic thickness gauging. The previously (25th of December 2015) mandated salvage permit and transportation to Russia is being rejected by Swedish authorities without any proven and correct explanation and with grossly violated rights of the explorers.

Favorite “yacht” (small frigate) of Peter The Great “Transport Royal”

A gift from English King William III to Russian Tsar during his stay in England in 1698. The small three-masted frigate “Transport Royal” sank on its way from Arkhangelsk to St. Petersburg on September 27th, 1715 in the vicinity of the Tislarn archipelago near Gothenburg. We found it on September 27, 2015, exactly 300 years after its wreckage.